Conscious Eating w/ Eric Peterson #4

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This is the last planned event in this series. As always the food is optional as our entire menu is available during this event. We hope to see all your beautiful faces!


Epigenetics-How we heal ourselves. 95% of DNA and its Genetic Expression is under your control. Since the discovery of Epigenetics(which means Above Genes) science has changed yet this is not being taught. Come Learn!


- Creamy Strawberry Arugula Fresca
- Healthy Spinach Artichoke Dip
- Chickpea Quesadilla w/Guacamole
-Raspberry Cake


6pm - 6:30pm: Cooking Demo (Recipes Provided)
and introduction to Bruce Lipton the Godfather of epigenetics.

6:30pm - 8pm: Documentary and Dinner. Dine in style while watching a documentary about How to Heal yourself.

8pm - 9pm: Open Discussion - We will discuss the Film and its Impact on how you should view your body as the Energy Machine it is.

To reserve a seat with us please head to our Facebook event and let us know you're coming!

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