Our Story

The story begins...

in Alpena Michigan, in Grandma Goodrich's kitchen, where Chef and Owner Eric Peterson was first inspired to fill the human spirit with happiness. Grandma Goodrich or GG as Eric affectionately refers to her, shared an experience baking cookies, licking spoons, laughing, packaging, and distributing happiness through delicious hand made love and pure ingredients. To this day Grace Goodrich's handmade cookies are delivered weekly to The Fresh Palate.

Later in life Eric entertained as host to years of High School shindigs in whatever apartment he was renting. Often supplying the happenings with food and drink to those attending, again sharing smiles and happiness. Once again Eric was shown the connection to food and entertainment. After graduation in '97 Eric adventured out of Alpena and bounced from South Carolina, to Oregon, to Vagabond, to Hawaiian bum, to Culinary graduate, to California, and back to Michigan. Along the journey always working in the food and service industry honing skills and examining presentation of deliberation on how to please guest and give them that hand made happiness.

Upon moving back to Alpena in 2002 Eric began as Chef at a local restaurant gaining popularity as a "Cook in this town." At the same time he also started his catering company and taught several culinary courses at Alpena Community College and the local library. Eric finally completed one journey and life goal by opening the Fresh Palate in April 2009 five days before his 30th birthday.